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I am still on my elimination diet (which is going really well – I have a normal gut again, which I never thought was possible!) That means that I couldn’t eat this myself at the moment, but I wanted to post this recipe that I developed shortly before starting the elimination diet:

Here is a recipe I made when a friend brought me a big, beautiful batch of chard form his garden. I made chard spaghetti. It is a little unusual, but delicious.

Chard Spaghetti
1 T butter & 1 T oil (maybe even a little more, I was generous since it was vegetarian and I wanted it to taste good)
1 onion in slivers
Chard stems, ½ inch slices
½ jalapeño (I would have used more if I had it), seeded and finely chopped
1 carrot, grated
½ turnip, grated
~1-2 tablespoons fresh ginger, grated
3 cloves of garlic, pressed
1 pear, chopped
1/3 cup pine nuts
~8 – 10 cups chopped chard (I used the whole bag of the smaller stuff)
1 lemon, both zest and juice
Liquids:  ¼ cup white wine, ¼ cup chicken broth, splashes of cider vinegar and seasoned rice vinegar
Whole Wheat spaghetti
Serve with grated parmesan cheese

Start the water for the pasta.

I started by sautéing the onion. When that was pretty soft (I really love onion that is well cooked), I added the stems.  Then after a few minutes I added the jalapeno, carrot, turnip, ginger and garlic. Then the pear and pine nuts. Somewhere along here as the oil/butter was mostly absorbed into the veggies, I added the wine. I wanted that to have enough time to cook off the alcohol.

Put the pasta on when the water boils. I did most of my chopping while the water was heating, and started cooking before it was fully ready – so the stir fry probably ended up taking about 15 – 20 minutes total to sauté.

I added the chard for the last 5-6 minutes, and added the broth and vinegars and covered it. Right at the end I squeezed on the lemon.

Serve it over the whole wheat pasta.

I used to toss my stir-fry’s and pasta together, but now I mostly use the sauce as a topping. That way we tend to eat less of the pasta and more of the topping (vegetables).

It also seems to be more moist when served this way.


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