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I’ve noticed that my clients that stay up late and sleep in tend to eat more and struggle more with developing healthy habits. Here is an article that explains why: People who go to bed late and sleep late eat more fast food and weigh more.

For the record, I haven’t noticed more fast food, just eating more.

As the article explaines “human circadian rhythms in sleep and metabolism are syncronized to the daily rotation of the earth, so that when the sun goes down you are supposed to be sleeping, not eating. When sleep and eating are not aligned with the body’s internal clock, it can lead to changes in appetite and metabolism, which could lead to weight gain.”

Often my stay-up-late clients know they should go to bed earlier, but have trouble actually getting to bed earlier. This study could help add the knowledge that staying up late does change how your body functions: it does make a difference.

The other thing that can help is to think about what you get from staying up late. Another way to say that, is what would you have to give up if you went to bed earlier. Often that is quiet or alone time after everyone else has gone to bed. Are there any other ways to get that?

Sometimes it is just a matter of getting hooked in to online activities, whether it is face book, chat rooms, research or games. When that is the case, sometimes it helps to set a time that the computer goes off, no matter what.

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